Kiln Stables offers horses for photo shoots, TV advertising campaigns, drama and film work. Over the years we have supplied many horses for various projects including Robin Hood in Sherwood Forrest, TV mobile phone advertising campaigns at Waverley Abbey in sixteenth century costume and lately a photo shoot for Viyella at a stately home near Bath.

Our horses are very well trained and perform well in these prestigious events. Nabil and Chesney, two pure bred Arab horses were selected from our portfolio of possible elegant aristocratic horses and were more than happy joining the cast of models and their array of clothes under the professional control of Sara Hussain, an ex Vogue and Sunday Times fashion editor, in her creation of country living.

Kiln Stables Riding School doesn’t just offer horses for modelling work; stunt riding and extras can also be provided to accompany the horses to perform any action shots as required, Cavalry and re-enactment work is also available and we even have one unicorn lookalike!

We have a wide selection of horses from small Dartmoor ponies to very large warm bloods and thoroughbred race horses. It must also be noted that many of our mid range horses would accommodate riders of little experience, although training is also provided.